Viral Host Range database, a resource for virus-host interactions studies

How do I search for the host of a virus? If answering this question is trivial for some human pathogenic viruses, it is more puzzling for viruses in general. The Viral Host Range database (VHRdb) gives access to the experimental data to answer this question. The aim of the VHRdb is to provide to the community the data generated by scientists documenting the host range of their favorite virus through an easy (copy/paste) contribution process including benefits. Indeed, VHRdb integrates analysis tools to compare experimental datasets in many ways. Searching for the host range of a virus, or the other way around has never been easier!

By sharing host range tests published but yet not in a searchable format, you will give a new value to your work and prevent scientists to perform the same tests again and again.

When appropriate, please do not forget to cite our work.

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Recently updated data sources

Clostridium difficile phages (From GARNEAU Julian, March 17, 2021)
The experiments were realized by Ognjen Sekulovic, Julian R. Garneau, and Audrey Néron in Pr. Louis-Charles Fortier’s lab. 5 uL volumes of undiluted and 1/100 diluted phage lysates (10e7 to 10e9 PFU/mL) were deposited on top of soft agar overlays cont
Host range of 3 phapecoctavirus on avian pathogenic Escherichia coli strains (APEC) of various serogroup (From SCHOULER Catherine, March 17, 2021)
The experiment was realized by Catherine Schouler in the team "pathogenesis of avian colibacillosis" of UMR1282 Infectiology and Public Health ( It was a spotting method, on which 10 µL of undiluted lysate was spotted on a law
Klebsiella phage KLPN1 (From HOYLES Lesley, Feb. 17, 2021)
Experimental work was carried out by Lesley Hoyles. All methods and experiments associated with isolation and characterization of Klebsiella phage KLPN1 are reported in It should be noted that phage KLPN1 infects only K.
Tests of the E. coli LF82_P10 phage on AIEC strains and Enterobacteria (From DEBARBIEUX Laurent, Jan. 25, 2021)
Host range tests performed by Luisa De Sordi, Post-doc in Debarbieux lab. Technique: spotting phages on bacterial overlay (in exponential phase) on LB plates. Phage LF82_P10 was isolated from sewage using Escherichia coli strain LF82 (clinical strain as