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S. epidermidis phages against human mastitis and healthy strains
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Method: 5 µL of concentrated phage lysate (10^9 PFU/mL) was dropped onto a TSB plate overlaid with S. epidermidis (10^8 CFU/mL). The host range was confirmed by theplaque assay: 0.1 mL of stationary-phase host culture (10^8 CFU/mL) was mixed with several dilutions of individual phage suspensions in 3 ml of molten TSB top agar and the mixture was poured on TSA plates. Efficiency of plaque formation (EOP) of selected phages was determined by dividing the phage titer on the test strain by the phage titer on the reference strain S. epidermidis F12. This strain was selected because it is infected by all the isolated phages. Look at Table 1 of article for EOP values.
The strains are Staphylococcus epidermidis strains, which are either coming from human mastitis samples or healthy women (see Table 1 of article).
The bacteriophages were isolated by mytomycin C induction of S. epidermidis strains.
The intermediate value was used to represent "inhibition halo" phenotype.
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Pilar García
Creation Date
May 25, 2021, 12:41 p.m.
Last Edition Date
May 25, 2021, 12:41 p.m.
Viruses 3
Hosts 65
Responses 195
Response scheme used
Original response Response mapped
0.0 No infection
0.0000000000000001 Intermediate
0.000000374 Infection
0.000000641 Infection
0.00000104 Infection
0.00000115 Infection
0.00000506 Infection
0.00000631 Infection
0.00000633 Infection
0.000428 Infection
0.32 Infection
0.46 Infection
0.47 Infection
0.67 Infection
0.99 Infection
1.0 Infection
1.02 Infection
1.07 Infection
1.93 Infection
4.03 Infection