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This data represents the host ranges for Chloroviruses in the collection of the James L. Van Etten lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The primary method of determining host range has been done by presence or absence of plaque formation via a plaque assay. Another method of determining host-virus interaction involves DNA staining to visualize infection initiation as described in Quispe et al, Virology, 2017. Furthermore, a liquid culture assay using high MOI (20) and low MOI (0.01) has been used to assess the cell-killing ability of the OSy-NE-5 virus on non-permissive host cells; the OSy-NE-5 virus initiates an unsuccessful infection on two Chlorella variabilis strains that kills the cells. The interactions are: 0 = no plaque formation, 1 = infection initiation/cell death, but no plaque formation, 2 = plaque formation. Chlorovirus isolates have been collected from fresh water sources globally. Many Chloroviruses have not had their host range tested. Host range data comes from past publications and unpublished results.

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Fitzgerald LA, Graves MV, Li X, Feldblyum T, Hartigan J, Van Etten JL. Sequence and annotation of the 314-kb MT325 and the 321-kb FR483 viruses that infect Chlorella Pbi. Virology 2007, 358, 459-471.
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July 1, 2020, 5:47 p.m.
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July 22, 2020, 8:58 p.m.
Viruses 121
Hosts 6
Responses 192
Response scheme used
Original response Response mapped
0.0 No infection
1.0 Intermediate
2.0 Infection
AL-1A, AL-2A, AL-2C, AN69C(JX997153.1; TAX:240269), AP110A(JX997154.1; TAX:1278246), AR158(NC_009899.1; TAX:380598), ATCV-1(NC_008724.1; TAX:322019), BJ-2C, Br0604L(JX997155.1; TAX:1278268), CA-1A, CA-1D, CA-2A, CA-4A, CA-4B, Can0610SP(JX997156.1; TAX:1278269), Can18-4(JX997157.1; TAX:1278252), Canal-1(JX997158.1; TAX:1278270), COS-CLP-F1, CVA-1(NC_044937.1; TAX:42683), CVB-1(JX997160.1; TAX:1278247), CVG-1(JX997161.1; TAX:1278248), CviKI(JX997162.1; TAX:1278253), CVM-1(JX997163.1; TAX:1278249), CVR-1(JX997164.1; TAX:1278250), CvsA1(JX997165.1; TAX:1278254), CZ-2(JX997166.1; TAX:1278251), FR483(NC_008603.1; TAX:399781), Fr5L(JX997167.1; TAX:1278255), GM0701.1(JX997168.1; TAX:1278271), GNLD22, IL-2A, IL-2B, IL-3A(JX997169.1; TAX:1278256), IL-3D, IL-5-2s1(JX997170.1; TAX:1278257), KS1B(JX997171.1; TAX:1278258), LP-F3a-4a, MA-1D(JX997172.1; TAX:1278259), MA-1E(JX997173.1; TAX:1278260), MN0810.1(JX997174.1; TAX:1278272), MO0605SPH(JX997175.1; TAX:1278273), MT325(DQ491001.1; TAX:346932), MWNE-1, NC-1A, NC-1B, NC-1C, NC-1D, N-CL-1, N-CL-2, NE-10B-s1, NE-11A-L1, NE-40-1-m, NE-40-2-s, NE-41-1-L, NE-41-2-m, NE-41-3-s, NE-8A, NE-8D, NE-JV-1(JX997176.1; TAX:1278261), NE-JV-2(JX997177.1; TAX:1278274), NE-JV-3(JX997178.1; TAX:1278275), NE-JV-4(JX997179.1; TAX:1278262), NE-P-1-L, NE-P-2-m, NE-P-3-s, NE-P-4-fs, NES-4A-m1, NES-4A-s1, NES-4B-L2, NES-5A-L1, NES-5A-m1, NES-5A-s1, N-NE-3, NTS-1(JX997180.1; TAX:1278276), NW665.2(JX997181.1; TAX:1278263), NY-2A(NC_009898.1; TAX:46021), NY-2B(JX997182.1; TAX:1278264), NY-2C, NY-2F, NYb-1, NYs-1(NC_043235.1; TAX:83442), O-NE-20, O-NE-21, O-NE-22, OR0704.2.2(JX997184.1; TAX:1278265), OR0704.3(JX997185.1; TAX:1278277), Osy-F-1, Osy-F-3, Osy-NE-1, Osy-NE-2, Osy-NE-3, Osy-NE-4, Osy-NE-4B-L2, Osy-NE-4B-m2, Osy-NE-4B-s2, Osy-NE-5(NC_032001.1; TAX:1917232), Osy-NE-5A-L1, Osy-NE-5B-m2, Osy-NE-5B-s1, Osy-NE-6, Osy-NE-7, Osy-NE-L1, Osy-NE-L2, Osy-NE-L3, Osy-NE-M2, Osy-NE-M3, Osy-NE-ZA1, PBCV-1(NC_000852.5; TAX:10506), P-NE-5, SC-1A, SC-1B, S-CL-1, SH-6A, Smith-1, TN603.4.2(JX997186.1; TAX:1278278), WI0606(JX997187.1; TAX:1278279), XZ-3A, XZ-4A, XZ-4C, XZ-5C, XZ-6E